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Rectangular oak tables

Are you looking for a classic rectangular oak table? We have several high quality oak tables. Suitable for large groups, easy to set up and flexible in use. In short, rectangular tables offer several advantages, making them a popular choice in many interiors and for various purposes.

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The popular rectangular table

One of the most popular dining tables is the rectangular table. And we understand that well! The rectangular shape offers several advantages!

Room: first of all, the large amount of space available to the rectangular table. This space of the tabletop can be used for eating, for placing cozy accessories, as a place to study or to read the newspaper.

Additional dining areas: with a rectangular table you can easily slide an extra chair, so that you can eat people at the same time with honor. Ideal when family or friends come to visit!

Interior: Rectangular tables are also very practical to place in your interior. They can be placed perfectly with one side against a wall.