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Keep your table in top condition!

The Industrial-Home oak tables are robust and easy to maintain, but maintenance is necessary to keep them in top condition. Do you have for the Skylt lacquer selected, we recommend the Skyt Conditioner Spray to include.

Advantages of Skylt lacquer:

Preserves the natural look of the oak, no yellowing
Easy to clean
Scratch-resistant top layer
Invisible: the surface appears untreated
Gloss < 5% - remains ultra-matte even at low viewing angles, does not reflect
Suitable for all types of wood
Easy to apply with a fiber roller

Benefits of Skylt Conditioner Spray:

Use the Skylt conditioner spray on a stain and wipe with a damp cloth
Use the Skylt conditioner spray once a week on the entire table and wipe with a damp cloth
Never clean the table with soap, the table will then reflect again after a while because of the soap residue

It is also advisable to re-lacquer the oak table every 2-3 years (depending on use) with a layer of Skylt lacquer. This way your table will always look beautiful.