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The perfect dining chair

When choosing dining room chairs, it is essential to find the chair that fits you and your dining space perfectly. Whether you prefer a modern, classic or country style, choosing the right dining chair can make a world of difference in the overall atmosphere of your dining room. Consider the style, color and materials used in your dining area and choose a chair that blends seamlessly with these elements. Finding the chair that suits you perfectly often puts the finishing touches in your dining room.


With or without armrest: the right level of comfort

When evaluating dining room chairs, it is important to think about the level of comfort you want to achieve. One of the decisions you have to make is whether you want chairs with or without armrests. Chairs with armrests often provide additional comfort and support, making them ideal for extended dinner parties or convivial after-meal conversations. On the other hand, chairs without armrests can create a more open and spacious feel, which is especially beneficial in smaller dining areas. Consider your eating habits and usual meal times when making your choice. This way you can provide the right level of comfort for yourself and your guests, while at the same time preserving the aesthetics of your dining room.


The right chair for every table shape

Choosing the right dining room chair also depends on the shape of the dining table. The balance between chair and table proportions can have a significant impact on the overall visual harmony of the dining space. Bee rectangular tables chairs with straight lines often fit well, while round tables can be combined with chairs that have softer contours. Creating a visual balance between the table and chairs can make the space more attractive and increase the comfort of diners. It is also important to maintain enough space around the table for easy movement and a cozy atmosphere. When choosing your dining room chairs, consider the shape of your table and make sure that the whole thing has a harmonious and inviting feel.


The most frequently asked questions about our chairs

Choose a chair with or without armrest?

Armrests provide extra comfort and support, while chairs without armrests can create a more open and spacious feeling, especially beneficial in smaller dining areas. Consider your eating habits and the usual duration of meals when making your choice, to provide the right level of comfort for yourself and your guests.

Tip: you can also choose to take chairs without armrests and place one somewhere else in the house armchair can be installed with armrests, where you can relax.

What are the delivery times for your chairs?

For our chairs we allow 2-6 weeks for delivery, depending on the chair. Please note: this is a guideline.

How do I maintain my new chair?

For fabric chairs, regular vacuuming and, if necessary, treating stains with a mild cleaning agent are recommended. For leather chairs it is important to wipe them regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt and, if necessary, to treat them periodically with a special conditioner to keep the material supple and beautiful.

Whether or not a chair that can swivel?

The choice of a swivel chair depends on personal preference. Swivel chairs can be useful for informal dining areas, as an office chair or for people with mobility problems, or where flexibility is desired. However, for a more 'traditional dining room environment' a chair that does not swivel can provide a more stable and formal look. Therefore, consider the intended use and style of the room when making this choice.

Which chairs for an oak table?

An oak table is matched with chairs in warm, earthy tones such as dark brown or beige, which accentuate the natural appearance of the wood. Choose a natural finish such as wood or leather for a cohesive look, or add a contemporary touch with chairs with metal accents. Importantly, the chairs are comfortable and match the height and style of the table for a pleasant dining experience. Colors other than dark brown or beige are certainly possible.

How do I choose the right chair for the shape of my dining table?

When choosing the right chairs for your table, it is smart to consider the shape of your dinner table to keep in mind for a harmonious whole. For a rectangular table chairs with clean lines and angles work well, while with a round table chairs with a soft, curved shape can emphasize the curves. A organic table offers more freedom, where you can consider chairs with straight lines as well as chairs with a more organic shape. Also consider the height of the chairs (in relation to the table) for a comfortable seating experience.