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Tabletop thickness

Dining table: the centerpiece of your living room

The dining table occupies a prominent place in your interior. Here you come together with your family to eat, talk and or play a game together. Families differ, so our range consists of dining tables in different shapes and sizes.

Round dining table for smaller spaces or subtle decor

We have various round dining tables in our range, for example you can choose from herringbone tops and various bases. Our round dining tables have a modern look and due to the subtle designs they fit in a wide range of interiors. A big advantage of a round dining table is that they fit well in smaller spaces. In addition, you can easily add extra chairs, so you can create more seats in a smaller area.

Do you choose a round table, then it is important that there is sufficient space around it, because this model is literally in the center. This makes it easily accessible for everyone.

Types of dining tables

Some customers are already 100% sure that they want a round or oval dining table. There are also plenty of people who doubt. Is your room narrow and rectangular, then a long table a good option. You can of course also slide it well against the wall. This also applies to the square model.

Styling a dining table: tips & tricks

The color and finish of the dining table must match your interior. Do you have a lot of eye-catching accessories? Then a dining table with a matte finish is for you. Within a quieter environment with a cast floor you can opt for a herringbone tabletop to create a warm atmosphere. For example, a solid wood table is heavy and robust and fits well in a rustic environment. An oval dining table with a thin top and steel base fits well in a subtle Scandinavian interior.

The type of base depends on the shape of the table top, your own taste, the floor and how many chairs you want to join. For example, if you go for a wooden base and you also have a wooden floor, a rug is a good option to subtly separate it from each other.

You can of course look for a dining table with your chairs or vice versa. Not sure yet, check it out here then first all our chairs.

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