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Tabletop thickness

The dining room table occupies a prominent place in your interior. Here you come together with your family to eat, talk and or play a game together. Families differ, so our range consists of dining tables in different shapes and sizes.

Many people choose a rectangular model where at least six people can sit down, but if you live alone or as a couple, you can also opt for a smaller square model. This saves you a lot of space and makes your dining room look modern too. The color and finish of the dining table must match your interior. Do you have a lot of eye-catching accessories? Then a dining table with a matte finish is for you.

In a quieter environment, choose a natural motif or a non-glossy finish. You can of course look for a dining table with your chairs or vice versa, but we also have nice chairs in various industrial colors in our range. look at here all our seats.

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