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The trend of the moment: Danish oval tables!

The trend of the moment: Danish oval tables!

Are you already familiar with the latest trends in the field of tables? In this blog we introduce you to the trend of the moment: the Danish oval table. In addition to the characteristic shape, the table can be recognized by its minimalist appearance with a cool accent. Read more information below!

What is Danish Oval?

Danish oval is a beautiful mix between two styles. Danish oval is in between oval and rectangular. Because the rectangular table top has rounded corners, it almost creates an oval shape.

Characteristic of this style are the minimalist, refined and modest pieces of furniture. However, it adds a lot of personality to the interior thanks to its thoughtful design and beautiful use of materials.

Unmissable trends for Danish oval tables

A striking trend that we have seen a lot in interior design lately is the use of round shapes. This trend is in contrast to the angular, straight lines that we often see in furniture and accessories. Instead, we see more and more soft curves, organic shapes and asymmetrical lines.

This trend goes beyond just furniture. We also see round shapes in lighting, mirrors, decorative objects and even architecture. Round shapes add softness and a sense of movement to a space, and they are often more inviting and welcoming than clean, angular shapes. A Danish oval table fits perfectly into this trend of round shapes and finishes. Due to its organic shape, a Danish oval table adds softness to a space, where the curved lines create a sense of movement and dynamism. Furthermore, Danish oval tables are versatile and can be used in almost any style, from modern to classic.

Another associated trend that we see in the world of interior design is the use of tapered edges. This is a finish in which the edges of the table are subtly sloping instead of being straight. This finish adds a soft, subtle detail to your table and creates a sense of elegance and sophistication. Tapered edges are often seen on oval tables, as the curved lines of the table enhance the finish in a natural way. The result is a table that looks slimmer and lighter than a straight edged table.

The tapered edges of a table also provide a soft transition between the table top and the legs, making the table look less massive and seem to offer more space.

This trend of tapered edges fits well with the trend of round shapes. So if you're looking for a table that keeps up with the latest trends, consider a Danish oval table with tapered edges to give your interior a refined look.