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At Industrial-Home we know that a lamp is not just a light source - it is a statement piece that can change the atmosphere in a room. That is why we have the largest collection of robust industrial pendant lamps and floor lamps, so that you can find the perfect match for every room in your home.

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Provide a bright spot in your interior

Step into the world of atmospheric industrial lighting and let your space shine with our extensive collection of robust industrial lighting hanging lamps and floor lamps. Whether you are looking for a striking showpiece for your dining room, a statement item for your living room, an enchanting lamp above the dining table or a stylish addition to your bedroom, it is all possible at Industrial-Home

Our industrial lamps from Eastern European brokerage are a feast for the eyes and give that special feeling and cozy atmosphere, where the robustness radiates from them. They are all high-quality industrial lamps with a beautiful industrial shape, which are very applicable in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bar, restaurant, shop or anywhere else.


Originated from our industrial lamps

Around 1750 the large factories were established. The light bulb made its appearance a hundred years later and caused a true revolution. These dark factories obviously had to be well lit. The industrial lamp was created during this time. Who doesn't know the pictures of the factories with long rows of old rusty bins with matching robust lamps? They were coarse, large and almost always made of steel. These whoppers were made for a large light output, purely functional.

The light bulbs were still very valuable at that time and therefore had to be well protected. This was done by means of a large metal hood or grille. An additional advantage: the employees in the factory were not easily blinded by the powerful light. Over time, fluorescent lighting made its appearance and industrial lamps faded into the background. Sin, in our eyes.

But, they're back! And how popular are they. Tough real factory lamps fit into any interior and give that little bit extra. The rough and tough appearance makes this trendy lighting very popular.


How do you incorporate an industrial lamp in your home?

Industrial lamps are not only functional, but also beautiful decorative elements that can give your interior a tough and characterful look. Would you like to know how you can incorporate an industrial lamp into your home? We are happy to share some nice tips to help you on your way!

> Hanging lamp above the dining table: A popular and stylish choice is to place an industrial hanging lamp above the dining table. Choose a lamp with a robust metal shade, such as ours Poznan all black lamp. This creates a beautiful contrast with, for example, a modern interior and creates a cozy atmosphere during dining.

> Accent lighting in the living room: Give your living room an industrial touch by adding an accent lamp. For example, place a cool floor lamp next to your favorite reading chair or add a table lamp on a side table. These lamps with their raw finish and exposed bulbs make a subtle yet striking statement in the space.

> Create an industrial corner: Create a special corner in your interior with an industrial lamp as the centerpiece. Combine the lamp with robust furniture, metal accessories and raw materials such as bricks or concrete for a truly industrial atmosphere. This corner can serve as a cozy reading corner, a creative workplace or simply as a decorative eye-catcher, depending on how you envision it.

> Illuminate the hall: Turn your entrance into an impressive entry by placing an industrial wall lamp in the hall. These lamps not only provide enough light to find your way around, but also immediately add a touch of style to this often forgotten space. Choose a lamp with a striking design and let it welcome your guests with a warm industrial glow.

> Mix and match: Dare to experiment and mix different styles together. For example, combine an industrial lamp with a Scandinavian interior for an interesting contrast between rough and minimalist. Play with contrasts and discover the possibilities.