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We make these unique industrial floor lamps / tripod lamps, also known as tripod or tripod lamps, in our own workshop.

These lamps can be a wonderful addition to your interior in many places. Do you have an empty space next to the sofa in the living room, by the bed in the bedroom or in a corner of the hallway in your house? Perhaps a floor lamp with an industrial character offers the solution to fill this empty space!

All floor or also standing lamps on our website are; rough, coarse, robust, rugged and very practical. In this way you can provide the entire living room, office or bedroom with a contemporary look. Complete your industrial interior with a sturdy floor lamp.

When you think of factory lamps, you often don't immediately think of floor lamps. They are often forgotten. A shame really, because floor lamps are ideally suited to create the right look at home. For example next to a concrete-look wall. In a very modern interior with sleek white walls, these lamps form a very nice contrast. Large, sturdy, steel lamps immediately create a different atmosphere in the house.

A floor lamp completes a decor.

Why floor lamps? Floor lamps are easy to move. They can be used to illuminate a corner of the room, but a floor lamp is also often used as mood lighting, for example next to your sofa.

Nowadays, the modern floor lamp is usually equipped with energy-saving lighting and can be found in all kinds of price ranges. Cheap floor lamps don't always look really cheap. They also have charisma and the price does not always have to be the determining factor.

This way you will always find a lamp with us that matches the current layout of your home! The nice thing about floor lamps is that you could move them over time. For example, you can alternate the floor lamp for a living room with the floor lamp in your bedroom or hallway. This always gives a new look to your rooms, so that your home will not get bored quickly.