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Organic dining tables

Are you going for a unique statement piece? Our organic dining tables are designed to enrich your dining space with a warm and natural look. With an eye for detail and the use of high-quality materials, we create tables that last for years. Discover the various sizes and finishes that suit your personal style and make a conscious choice for both aesthetics and sustainability.

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The beauty of organic tables

Discover the timeless beauty and durability of organic dining tables. At Industrial-Home we have an extensive collection of these unique pieces of furniture that are made of high-quality solid wood. Our organic dining tables are carefully designed to give a natural and warm look to your dining space.

Tip: To make the table look slimmer optically, you can also choose to have a tapered edge applied to it.

The use of thinner woods and flowing shapes gives organic tables a refined and contemporary look. This sleek aesthetic makes them perfect for small spaces or those who want a minimalist and stylish look. Nevertheless, the beauty of an organic table comes into its own not only in this interior style, but also in styles such as modern style, country style or Scandinavian style.

Prefer a table that looks a bit tighter? Then take a look between our rectangular tables or our herringbone tables.


Unique features of organic dining tables

Organic dining tables are distinguished by their unique characteristics. For example, consider the shape of the table and the fact that the table looks slim and streamlined. At Industrial-Home we understand that every personal style is unique. That is why we offer organic dining tables in various designs and finishes. Would you like to read more about organic tables?  Discover the splendor of organic tables.

Below is a list of some unique features of organic dining tables:

  •  - Unique shape
  •  - Warm and natural appearance
  •  - Timeless design
  •  - Flexible in design and dimensions
  •  - Slim and streamlined appearance
  •  - Can be used in different interior styles


How do I incorporate a table with an organic shape into my interior?

Organic tables are more than just pieces of furniture; they are works of art inspired by nature. The uniqueness of organic tables lies in their irregular shapes, striking patterns and natural color shades, as explained above. Are you wondering how you can incorporate a table with an organic shape into your interior?

Here are some tips to seamlessly integrate an organic table into your interior:

-- Balance and symmetry: Organic tables look best when combined with symmetrical elements. For example, place an organic table in the center of a symmetrical seating area for a visually appealing arrangement.

-- Color harmony: Choose accessories and decorative items that reflect the colors of the organic table. This creates a harmonious and cohesive look in the room.

-- Natural lighting: Organic tables look best when illuminated by natural light. Place the table near windows to bring the natural textures and colors to life.

-- Minimalist decor: Keep the decoration around the organic table minimal to focus the attention on the table itself. A few well-chosen pieces of art or accessories can compliment the table without overwhelming it.

-- Combine with natural elements: Enhance the organic theme by adding natural elements such as plants, stones, and shells to your interior. This will enhance the overall natural look.

-- Attention to texture: Organic tables often have beautiful textures. Combine them with soft fabrics such as wool cushions or a plush rug to create a contrast in textures.