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Tabletop thickness

Oak tree trunk tables

Are you going for a rural look? Then choose a natural tree trunk table with matching table leg! Our tree trunk tables are available with a top of 4.5 cm thickness or 6 cm. The thicker the leaf, the more rustic it looks! Discover our offer immediately and be inspired.

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Natural beauty of tree trunk tables

Tree trunk tables bring a touch of natural splendor to any room. Tree trunk tables are versatile and fit effortlessly into different interior styles. The organic aesthetic is a beautiful contrast to various decorative elements. For example, place a tree trunk table in a minimalist environment to make a statement, or add it to an eclectic interior for a natural accent that connects the space. The natural beauty of tree trunk tables remains timeless and intriguing, making them an 'investment for the future'.

Another noticeable advantage of tree trunk tables is their robust and sturdy construction. Using the entire tree trunk as a table top results in a solid and stable surface that can withstand daily use. This makes tree trunk tables ideal for families or busy households where many activities take place, such as meals, crafts or game nights. The natural texture and grain of the wood also adds a natural dimension to the table, adding to its comfort and appeal. Knots, cracks and wood grains all contribute to the charm of the piece of furniture, giving it an authentic and rustic feel to your home. It is important to clean your table properly to maintain of course.


Enchantment of tree trunk tables

Tree trunk tables have been brought directly into your home as works of art from nature. With their natural edges and irregular shapes, they carry a unique character that reflects the strength and beauty of living trees. Each table tells a story through the unique patterns of the wood, making them not only functional pieces of furniture, but also conversation starters and eye-catchers.

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Tree trunk tables versus traditional tables

Compared to conventional tables, tree trunk tables bring a pronounced contrast to your interior. While traditional tables offer clean lines and uniformity, tree trunk tables exude rustic charm and authenticity. The raw edges and natural finish, with their distinctive texture and color shades, create a sense of deep connection with the natural world around us. These tables bring not only functionality but also a touch of art to your living space, serving as the center of conversation and admiration. The unique shapes of tree trunk tables give your interior its own unique character and make it a space full of warmth and invitation, where family and friends like to gather for memorable moments.