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Tabletop thickness

Dining table: the centerpiece of your living room

The dining table is often a source of cosiness. It is the focal point of the home where everyone gathers to eat, chat, play games and have a drink.

The different types of industrial-home dining tables

Families differ, which is why we offer different types and sizes of dining tables in our range. You can choose from different shapes.

Rectangular dining tables
The most popular dining table remains the rectangular table, and that makes sense! It offers a lot of space for placing things on the table. For example, think of all the goodies for dinner, a nice vase, school supplies or other home accessories. You also always have enough space to slide in an extra chair.

Round dining tables
Our round dining tables have a modern look and because of the subtle designs fit in a wide range of interiors. A big advantage of a round dining table is that they fit well in smaller spaces. In addition, you can easily make contact with everyone and add an extra chair. This way you create more seating areas in a smaller area. Do you have children running around the house? Due to the lack of points, you no longer have to worry that they will bump into this.

Oval dining tables
Are you in doubt between a rectangular and round table? Then choose a oval table! This way you have the advantages of both tables. It takes up less space, but still retains the cosiness. You are also flexible in the number of seats. In addition, it gives a playful effect, because you can break through most square and rectangular shapes in the house.

Square dining tables
Also a square dining table is space-saving and suitable for small spaces. Moreover, it can often accommodate just as many people as with a rectangular table. In addition, everyone can easily access everything. Ideal while eating, having a drink or while playing a game! By placing one of the sides against the wall, you can make it a cozy, cozy place.

Different patterns and tabletop thicknesses

In addition to different shapes, you can also choose from various patterns and tabletop thicknesses

Hungarian point
Would you like to give a playful effect to your table? Then go for a Hungarian point! Because not everything is straight forward, you create a lively appearance.

Herringbone double and single
A variant of the Hungarian point is the herringbone. In this case, the slices are at an angle of 90 degrees at the end, so that the lines are oblique and perpendicular to each other. In this way the pattern is built. You can further personalize this by choosing from a only or double herringbone.

Tabletop thickness
The thickness of a table top has a major influence on the appearance of your table. For example, go for a subtle table top of 2 centimeters, an accessible one of 4 centimeters or a robust one of 8 centimeters.

Styling a dining table: tips & tricks

The color and finish of the dining table must match your interior. Do you have a lot of eye-catching accessories? Then a dining table with a matte finish is for you. Within a quieter environment with a cast floor you can opt for a herringbone tabletop to create a warm atmosphere. For example, a solid wood table is heavy and robust and fits well in a rustic environment. An oval dining table with a thin top and steel base fits well in a subtle Scandinavian interior.

The type of base depends on the shape of the table top, your own taste, the floor and how many chairs you want to join. For example, if you go for a wooden base and you also have a wooden floor, a rug is a good option to subtly separate it from each other.

You can of course look for a dining table with your chairs or vice versa. Not sure yet, check it out here then first all our chairs.

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