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5x trends industrial living style

5x trends industrial living style

You see industrial furniture in many living rooms these days. The furniture gives your living space a cool and robust character. The name actually says it all; industrial furniture refers to old factories, workshops and schools. The furniture is sturdy, large, functional and has a sturdy look. Wood is often combined with black steel. Leather is also used as upholstery for chairs and sofas. We are happy to give you five trends that we have spotted for you.

Industrial style trends

Industrial furniture not to be missed

After reading the trends above, you may already have an idea of how you will bring your industrial living style back into your home. But which Industrial-Home furniture is not to be missed for this lifestyle? We've rounded up three of the most popular pieces of furniture, in addition to our bestsellers listed above (Mosina table and Poznan lamp)! Is your desired furniture not listed? Also take a look at our other furniture or send us a message for a personal and thorough advice!