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5x trends industrial living style

5x trends industrial living style

Industrial interior

You see industrial furniture in many living rooms these days. The furniture gives your living space a cool and robust character. The name actually says it all; industrial furniture refers to old factories, workshops and schools. The furniture is sturdy, large, functional and has a sturdy look. Wood is often combined with black steel. Leather is also used as upholstery for chairs and sofas. We are happy to give you five trends that we have spotted for you.

Industrial style trends

1. Sustainable use

Industrial items are often recycled from old factories and farms. A lot of our lamps For example, they have served in factories and farms for many years. These unique lamps are of course still in top condition! If you choose LED-lighting, the lamps are completely sustainable. One of our bestsellers? That's our Poznan all black lamp: a beautiful industrial dining table lamp with metal shades.

2. Not Perfectly Finished

We often see this trend and this is also what many consumers ask for: furniture that is not perfectly finished. Industrial furniture is often not perfectly finished, which ensures a robust appearance. For example, the weld seams are not perfectly finished and there are no filled knots and irregularities in the wood. To make a piece of furniture look even tougher, it is often decided to keep the steel bare instead of coating it matt black.

3. Cognac

The color cognac should not be missing in an industrial interior. We often see this color in dining room chairs or banks. The color can be combined well with a sturdy look with wood and/or metal. This makes your interior feel like a whole.

4. Large furniture

In an industrial interior, large furniture without frills is often chosen. A good example is our oak herringbone table Mosina X, which you can perfectly combine with a industrial lamp above. This table can hold up to four meters long, with a maximum width of 130 cm. Of course, a metal base fits underneath: this makes it look just a bit more robust.

5. Country interior combination

We see the latest trend more and more often in our orders. Industrial style is increasingly being combined with a rural interior because robust wood is used in both styles. A rural interior is also warmer than an industrial interior. By incorporating a few rural elements within your industrial living style, you provide that extra bit of warmth in your generally robust living style.

Industrial furniture not to be missed

After reading the trends above, you may already have an idea of how you will bring your industrial living style back into your home. But which Industrial-Home furniture is not to be missed for this lifestyle? We've rounded up three of the most popular pieces of furniture, in addition to our bestsellers listed above (Mosina table and Poznan lamp)! Is your desired furniture not listed? Also take a look at our other furniture or send us a message for a personal and thorough advice!