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A coffee table is indispensable in your interior!

A coffee table or side table is indispensable in your living room! Place one or more coffee tables or side tables and you can store your cup, book or remote control everywhere. Handy, right! The trick is to find a coffee table that stands out and matches the style of your interior. We have a wide range of coffee tables, is your perfect coffee table not listed? Then take Contact contact us for the possibilities.

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The added value of a coffee table

A coffee table is not just a small table; it brings coziness, style and convenience all together. Whether you have a sleek modern interior or prefer a vintage look, a coffee table gives your living room that little bit extra. You can place many nice home accessories on the coffee table to brighten up your home. And let's be honest, it's also super handy for putting down your cup of coffee, snacks and remote control when you're relaxing on the couch. Bank sit. So yes, a coffee table is really indispensable and completes your living room!


Coffee tables and side tables in all shapes and sizes

If we dining tables can make in all sizes, we can of course also do that for coffee tables. Because we were increasingly asked to deliver a matching coffee table with an ordered dining table, we started to specialize in this. See a style in our dining table section? Such as a herringbone table or a tree trunk table? Then we can also supply this in a coffee table! This way you can get the perfect combination if desired.

In addition, the 'coffee table set trend' has not passed us by. These are often two of the same tables with a difference in height and size, so that they can fit perfectly together. You can therefore also find these in our webshop.


Coffee table set trend

The big trend of the moment is the coffee table set. As mentioned above, these are often two or three identical tables with a difference in height and size. The differences in height and size of the tables create a playful effect.

Besides the fact that you can style them endlessly, they are also extremely practical! For example, when you have visitors, you can easily spread the different tables across the room. This way you can easily create multiple places for a cup of tea, something tasty or a magazine. A coffee table set is the ideal solution, especially for larger seating areas! This way you prevent it from becoming cluttered and still fill the space nicely. We offer various coffee table sets, all with round coffee tables.


Different steel coffee table bases

Our coffee tables are available with many different bases. You can consider, among other things, a U-leg or a matrix base. A U-leg is a table leg that is placed (on both sides) at the end of the table top. The two legs are then connected at the bottom, like the letter “U”. With a matrix base, the legs are also attached to the ends under the table top. Here the legs cross each other, creating the well-known X-shape. We notice that the matrix base is the most popular in our webshop.

Do you still have questions about the different bases or do you have other questions about our (coffee) tables? We are happy to help you. Please feel free Contact contact us so we can help you.

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The most frequently asked questions about our coffee tables

How do I give my new coffee table more atmosphere with accessories?

Give your new coffee table an extra dose of coziness and character with a number of carefully selected accessories. Consider placing a decorative tray in the center of the table and fill it with (a combination of) candles, flower vases, and/or books that reflect your personality. Add a rug or woven basket under the table for extra storage space and/or charm. Or leave your coffee table empty so you can rest your feet on it, that is of course also possible!

What are the delivery times for your coffee tables?

We allow 7-8 weeks for delivery for our coffee tables. Please note: this is a guideline.

How do I maintain my coffee table?

For wooden coffee tables, just like most of ours dining tablesRegular dusting and wiping with a damp cloth is usually sufficient. If you want your coffee table to remain beautiful for longer, you can consider using our maintenance products such as Skylt lacquer. It is recommended to refinish your wooden coffee table every 2-3 years (depending on use) with a layer of Skylt lacquer to maintain its beautiful appearance.

How do I choose my new coffee table?

Carefully consider the right size, shape and style to complement your interior, while also taking into account practical aspects such as choice of materials, durability and ease of maintenance. For households with children, a coffee table without sharp edges can be safer, just as this is the case with you dinner table. Don't forget to look at the functionality; Do you use it as a coffee table in front of your sofa or as a side table somewhere else? There are many possibilities with your new coffee table.