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Oak herringbone table Osla A Square

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Herringbone oak table Osla with A-frame
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Oak herringbone table Osla A Square


Herringbone oak table 6 or 8cm thick incl A-legs base

Product information

Herringbone oak table Osla square with A-frame

Delivery time 5-6 weeks

The herringbone pattern consists of a 1 arrow pattern. You can choose from herringbone or hungarian point pattern

Herringbone oak table Osla square 6 or 8cm thick incl A-legs base

Furthermore, the table has 4 slanting metal legs, the legs are made of metal 5x5cm tube metal tube made. The legs can also be straight down if desired. Please report this in the comments field.

The edge around the herringbone pattern is 6 or 8 cm thick oak, in the middle the top is 5 cm thick.

The frame around the herringbone is 3cm wide/thick oak, if you look at the top and 6 or 8cm thick

This table can be viewed in our showrooms in Loods5 Amersfoort, Euroweg 1, top floor at Industrial-Home and in Loods5 Duiven top floor (the version with metal band around the top is not yet available)

If desired, you can choose to have the wood treated with a matte finish Skylt professional lacquer for oak wood, this is an invisible lacquer, does not reflect and has an ultra-matte transparent color and a easy to clean scratch-resistant surface. The perfect protective layer for your table.

The oak wood retains its own characteristic natural color for years to come.

You can also get your oak leaf painted in all colors, including wash colors in combination with a Skylt matt scratch-resistant transparent top layer as protection.

Then choose the Skylt paint as an option and fill in the color code and name in the comments field in the ordering process

Then your table top will get the color you want!


The size of the table is in different sizes available
The top of the table top measured from the floor is 77cm
The steel base can be placed in any desired RAL color can be painted, matt black, white, gray etc..
This table can be ordered with various treatments, we recommend Skylt Titanium lacquer, this lacquer is ultra matt and does not reflect and the table is easy to keep clean
You can use the sheet also order separately from us.
You can also use other presuppose order from us.

PS: We recommend the Skylt conditioner can also be included if you have taken Skylt as an option, the advantages of this conditioner are:

Makes the table grease-free and clean
Do not leave any soap residue, because if you use soap, the table will reflect again
The Skylt Conditioner ensures that the table remains matte

Update! nyou also have the option:

Including metal band around all sides of the top, excluding oak edge (see photo below)
Including metal band around all sides of the top, including oak edge (as original)

Including metal band around all sides of the top, excluding oak edge then looks like this:

Herringbone oak table Osla square 6 or 8cm thick incl A-legs base

If you still want the oak edge and the metal band around it, that is also possible.


90 kg



Hungarian Point, Herringbone Single

Tabletop thickness

6cm, 8cm


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