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Round dining table: the pros and cons

Round dining table: the pros and cons

The dining table is often a central place in the house. They eat, work, tinker and sit with friends and family. That is why it is important that a dining table matches your wishes well. At the moment round dining tables are completely trendy, but is this also something for you? In this blog you can read the pros and cons of a round dining table!

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Industrial style trends

Advantages of a round table

Disadvantages of a round table
1. Cozy Because you can look at everyone at the table, a round table is more pleasant than a rectangular table. Everyone is equal at the table, because there is no one at the head of the table.
2. It breaks space Many dining rooms have a rectangular or square shape. With a round dining table you break through the straight lines, which creates a playful effect!
3. No points to bump you A round table logically has no sharp corners. With a round dining table you don't have to worry about a (small) child hitting his or her head against a sharp point. But it is also a lot nicer for yourself, because bumping your leg against the tip of a table can be very painful!
4. Suitable for small spaces The round shape saves you a lot of space around your table. This leaves you with space around your table that you don't have with a square or rectangular table.
5. Everyone can reach the middle of the table Handy for the holidays, everyone can easily reach the gourmet set or the cheese fondue. With small children, the hot pans are set far enough on the table that they cannot reach them, which is very safe!
1. Not suitable for a narrow room A round table is less suitable for a narrow room, do you still want a table with round shapes? Then go for a oval table!
2. Less easy to put against the wall It is less easy to prop a round table against a wall. A round table should be kept away from the wall, otherwise seats will be lost.
3. Less space on the table A round table logically has a smaller surface area than a square table of the same size. This can make you feel like you're missing out on space. Especially if you also have stuff on the table. (Although it can also be an advantage that you now have to clear the table before you eat ;))
4. Not (beautifully) to be extended Are more people coming to eat? It is difficult to extend or make a round table larger by sliding another table.

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