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A coffee table is indispensable in your interior!

A coffee table or side table is indispensable in your living room! Place one or more coffee tables or side tables and you can store your cup, book or remote control everywhere. Handy, right! The trick is to find a coffee table that stands out and matches the style of your interior. We have a wide range of coffee tables, is your perfect coffee table not listed? Then take Contact contact us for the possibilities.

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Coffee tables and side tables in all shapes and sizes

If we dining tables can make in all sizes, we can of course also do that for coffee tables. Because we were increasingly asked to deliver a matching coffee table with an ordered dining table, we started to specialize in this. See a style in our dining table section? Such as a herringbone table or a tree trunk table? Then we can also deliver it in a coffee table!

In addition, the coffee table set trend does not pass us by. These are often two of the same tables with a difference in height and size, so that they can stand together perfectly. You can therefore also find these in our webshop.

Different steel coffee table bases

Our coffee tables are available with many different bases. For example, you can think of a U-leg or a matrix base. A U-leg is a table leg that is placed (on both sides) at the end of the table top. The two legs are then connected at the bottom, like the letter "U". With a matrix base, the legs are also attached to the ends under the table top. Here the legs cross each other, creating the well-known X-shape. We notice that the matrix chassis is the most popular.

Round coffee table

Organic shapes are becoming increasingly popular in the field of interior design. For example, a round coffee table owes its popularity to the many advantages. The round shape is ideal for small spaces, because it saves a lot of space around your table. The shape also makes it easy to make (eye) contact with everyone at the table and you can easily slide in an extra chair. In addition, everyone can effortlessly reach the pans and dishes.

In addition to the functional benefits, it also just looks really nice! With round coffee tables of different heights and sizes, you can break through most rectangular and square shapes in your home. This creates a playful effect!

Herringbone coffee tables

Would you like a coffee table with a unique design? Then choose coffee tables with a herringbone pattern! In this pattern, the lines are skewed and perpendicular to each other, because the planks are at a 90-degree angle at the end. You can then choose from a one (single) or two-arrow (double) motif.

An alternative is a coffee table with a Hungarian point or a Versailles motif. At a Hungarian point, the wooden parts are laid at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees and the wooden parts connect at the top. A Versailles motif is characterized by the style motifs from the castle of Louis XIV in Versailles in France. By bringing several shapes together, a unique whole is created. Because not everything is straight forward with both motifs, you create a lively appearance.

In addition to herringbone coffee tables, we also have herringbone dining tables in our catalogue. Feel free to take a look!

Do you have special wishes for a side table or coffee table that cannot be found in our shop? No problem; we make it completely custom for you. Let us know in a e-mail or call us!

Coffee table sets

The big trend of the moment is the coffee table set. As mentioned above, these are often two or three identical tables with a difference in height and size. The differences in height and size of the tables create a playful effect.

Besides that you can style them endlessly, they are also extremely practical! For example, when you have visitors, you can easily spread the different tables around the room. In this way you can easily create multiple places for a cup of tea, something sweet or a magazine. Especially with larger seating areas is a coffee table set the ideal solution! This way you prevent it from becoming cluttered and still fill the space nicely. We offer various coffee table sets, all with round coffee tables.

More information?

Would you like to know more about our coffee tables or coffee table sets? We are happy to help you! Take here contact us, email to info@industrial-home.com or call or whatsapp us on +31 (0) 619960500