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The herringbone table. Elegant, stylish and timeless. We have a wide range of dining tables with herringbone pattern, Hungarian point and Versailles pattern. Both in rectangle and square as well as round, oval and Danish oval. Available in many sizes and colours! Do you have special wishes? Let us know. We also do customization and are happy to help you at your dream table.

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Herringbone finds its origin in the laying of floors. This way of laying is one of the first and has always been considered an elegant and timeless style. Herringbone has been away for a while, but has now made a comeback like never before! Together with the Hungarian point, you can see herringbone in many contemporary interiors. Because the herringbone style is so popular, we have been making herringbone tables for a number of years. And with great pleasure. We have already made thousands of customers happy with the dining table of their dreams. We can therefore supply the herringbone tables in many different sizes and colours. You can also choose from different bases with us!