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5x trends modern living style

5x trends modern living style

modern interior

The modern living style is becoming more and more popular. More and more often you see influences of a modern interior style in houses. With a modern living style you can go in many directions and there are also different styles within a modern interior. We have listed some trends for you below!

Trends modern living style

1. Less is more

In a modern interior it often applies: less is more. There is little to see and everything in the interior must be functional. Make a statement by adding some minimalist home accessories. This gives the room a homely atmosphere. Do not provide too many home accessories, as this can make it look a bit messy, and that is exactly what you do not want in a modern living style living environment.

2. Use of color in the modern interior

It is often thought that a modern interior is cold, but it doesn't have to be! For example, choose shades of white, gray, black and brown. This allows you to create a nice contrast in your interior. The contrast of the colors ensures that your home does not have a chilly appearance, but that it retains its modern appearance.

Use of color modern interior brown gray black white

3. Clean lines

A well-known trend in the modern living style are clean lines that you often see. The lines can reappear by painting one wall in a different color, for example. This creates a contrast. You can also have clean lines reflected in your furniture. For example, you can think of a corner sofa, a rectangular oak table or a square coffee table.

4. Eye catcher

Go for a real eye-catcher in your living room. For example, this can be a hanging lamp are above your dining table, a large mirror or a Danish oval dining table! Choose only one real eye-catcher, so that it does not get too busy in your interior and the eye-catcher really stands out. It goes without saying that this eye-catcher must have a modern look to fully come into its own in your modern living style.

5. Light combined with dark

The latest trend is a trend that you have probably seen at Vtwonen: combine light and dark furniture with each other. By combining the right color furniture with each other, you create a nice contrast in your interior. The different colors keep each other in balance, which gives a sleek and modern feeling. For example, choose a black dining table like this beautiful black oak herringbone table Osla with white seats. Mix and match!

Indispensable modern furniture

After reading the trends above, you may already have an idea of how to bring the modern lifestyle into your home. But which Industrial-Home furniture should not be missing for this living style? We have collected three of the most popular furniture within this living style. Is your desired furniture not listed? Also take a look at our other furniture or contact us: we are happy to help you and give you tailor-made advice if desired!