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5x trends rural living style

5x trends rural living style

rural interior

The living style gives a rustic, warm atmosphere to the living environment. You could also describe it as romantic. This warm atmosphere is very popular among homeowners and we understand why. But how is this combined in your home, for example? We would like to share five trends within the rural living style with you to help you on your way within this living style.

Trends rural living style


1. Combine with a sober living style

More and more often, a rural living style is combined with a sober living style. An important characteristic of a sober living style, for example, is the use of color. Colors such as black, white and gray play a major role in this. In addition to the use of color, the material of furniture also plays a role for an authentic look. Tree trunk tables score very well here, for example. The combination of rural and sober gives your rural interior a warm, sturdy look, while the tranquility is preserved by the sober colours.

2. Combine with minimalist living

The rural living style is increasingly combined with minimalist living. For example, go for a wooden dining table with a simple vase on it with a few flowers in it. Less is more. Also, do not opt for unnecessarily many cabinets, but only choose cabinets that you really need. This also makes your house seem more spacious!

3. Timeless warm colors

Another trend we see is the use of timeless warm colors such as earth tones, sand colors and warm gray colors. Totally the trend of the moment? The use of a matte finish of the paint in your living style. Off-white, beige and taupe remain very popular as always. Do you want some color? Then go for old pink or blue. By matching the right colors with your new furniture, you ensure a playful look that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

4. Use of authentic wood

For years, authentic wood has been widely used in rural interiors. Not entirely illogical, since wood is close to nature. For example, choose a wooden dining table or closet with untreated wood for a natural look.

5. Combination with industrial finishes

We see the latest trend more and more often in our orders. The rural living style is increasingly being combined with industrial finishes and we understand why! A wooden dining table with a steel base fits perfectly in a rural living style for the warm, friendly atmosphere, but it does provide just that little bit of robustness that you generally lack. Or how about old factory lamps above the dining table? Make sure that the industrial tones do not take over: it should remain subtle, but give that little bit extra to your rural living style, making it all look a bit more robust.

Indispensable rural furniture

After reading the trends above, you may already have an idea of your desired rural living style. But which Industrial-Home furniture is indispensable for this living style? We have listed the three most popular pieces of furniture! Is your desired furniture not among them? Please take a look at our other furniture or Send us a message for any desired advice!