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Skylt lacquer for oak ultra matt non-reflective

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Product information

Skylt lacquer is a lacquer that protects wood against external influences. It is a unique product that forms an almost invisible, ultra-matt layer on the wood. This finish lacquer gives a beautiful natural look to the wood (if untreated) and at the same time optimally protects against wear and stains. Skylt is odorless, easy to apply, smooth and does not yellow. The dry layer is elastic, tough and impact resistant. Surfaces treated with Skylt can be easily cleaned.

Advantages of Skylt lacquer:

  • Preserves the natural look of the oak, no yellowing
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch-resistant top layer
  • Invisible: the surface appears untreated
  • Gloss < 5% - stays ultra-matte even at low viewing angles, does not reflect
  • Suitable for all types of wood
  • Easy to apply with a fiber roller

Process painting with 0.5 liter Skylt pot:

  • Working temperature should be between 15 and 25 C.
  • Humidity between 50-60% relative humidity (RH)
  • Lightly sand the wood with 300-400 grit wood sandpaper
  • Cleaning, de-dusting, possibly vacuuming
  • Open the jar and empty the complete bag of hardener into the jar, mix well in the jar (both are already in the right proportion to each other)
  • Let it rest in the pot for 10 minutes, the harder will bind with the lacquer
  • Apply 1st layer and all layers with a fiber roll 9mm microfibre roll 15cm roll:
  • (for sale at hardware stores such as gamma/praxis etc)
  • Smooth out the lacquer layer well, roll out the lacquer, in such a way that there is the same amount of lacquer everywhere on the wood.
  • Leave the pot closed as much as possible / put the lid on / because the paint dries out
  • Let the first layer of paint dry/cure for 3 hours, wrap fiber roll in foil so that it does not dry out
  • Do not sand the first coat of paint
  • Stir / shake the lacquer in the pot every now and then
  • Apply 2nd layer with the same roll of microfibre roll
  • Let it dry/cure for 3 h, wrap the roll in foil so that it does not dry out
  • Lightly sand the second coat of lacquer when it has cured with grit 300-400 (this step is important for a smoother end result)
  • Remove dust with a dry cloth, not damp!
  • Apply 3rd layer with the microfibre roller
  • Let it dry/cure for 3 hours
  • Lightly sand with fingertips where necessary, with grit 300-400., clean the table with a dry cloth, not damp!
  • Do not use the table intensively for 1 week / do not set up heavy things / can be used normally
  • The table is now protected against stains and is easy to keep clean, do not use soap then the table will reflect again, just wipe with a damp cloth.

Skylt conditioner spray:

Use the Skylt conditioner spray once a week on the entire table and wipe with a damp cloth
Never clean the table with soap, the table will then reflect again after a while because of the soap residue
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