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Oval marble dining table matrix

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Trp Post Container Data Trp Post ID 42759 Oval Marble Dining Table Matrix Trp Post Container
Trp Post Container Data Trp Post ID 42759 Oval Marble Dining Table Matrix Trp Post Container
Dining table Marble Oval

Oval marble dining table matrix


Dining table Marble Oval – Black
✓ The latest trend
✓ Various sizes
✓ With matrix base
✓ Maintenance friendly
✓ Resistant to dirt, weather & wind

Product information

Oval marble dining table matrix

Marble is all the way back. The veined natural stone provides tranquility and the beautiful veins and subtle color gradient give it a chic look. At Industrial-Home we don't like fake materials, which is why this top for 100% consists of real Italian marble!

Available in 2 sizes:

180 x 100 x 78 cm = 1199,-
200 x 100 x 78 cm = 1399,-

Delivery time: within 5-7 weeks

The top has a nice rounded edge and is 2 cm thick

This table is a sublime piece in any interior. The latest trend in tableland. The sturdy and stylish black metal spider leg in combination with the marble give this table its charm.

Advantages of oval

Do you want a real eye-catcher in your living room or kitchen? Then a beautiful large round or oval dining table is the piece of furniture that can create atmosphere. An oval table has no corners and therefore more people can sit at it than at a square or rectangular dining table of the same size. So pushing an extra dining room chair is no problem. Because the oval table has no sharp corners, children do not get hurt. Because you are not sitting directly next to each other, but more opposite each other, having central conversations at an oval table is easier and much more pleasant. Old-fashioned fun because everyone can see each other and participate in the conversation.

The oval marble table top

The material used for the top is marble. Marble is a natural product and therefore the colors and patterns in the leaf may deviate. Each leaf is a unique specimen and has its own pattern and appearance. Irregularities in color create character. It gives the table a robust and graceful appearance.
Marble is maintenance-friendly, so it is easy to clean. Resistant to dirt, weather & wind.

The top is solid, 2 cm thick and has a matte finish.

the chassis

Black with steel legs fit perfectly in an industrial interior style. The leg, the base of this table is a stylish matrix of steel. It is black in color with a powder coat paint. the advantage of the matrix leg is that many chairs can be pushed in, you have little trouble with this chassis.

Each leg is 8×3 cm in diameter











90 kg


Tabletop thickness

4.5 cm


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