Order Metal Matrix Leg Asymmetrical 8X4, 10X10, 12X12Cm online at Industrial-Home
Oak table Rewa square incl matrix base
Metal Matrix Leg Symmetrical 8X4, 10X10, 12X12Cm
oak table black matrix base
rectangular table matrix base
Matrix chassis

Metal Matrix Leg Asymmetrical 8X4, 10X10, 12X12Cm


Product information

Steel matrix base axisymmetric

This base is made for elongated tables and oval tables. It is also possible to order this frame larger for conference tables or canteen tables

Tube profile 8x4 (last photos), 10x10cm (first photos) or 12x12cm
The legs are closed at the bottom with felt to protect the floor from scratches
Standard dimensions:
  • 180long x 70width x 73high cm
If your dimensions are not listed, please let us know by sending an email to: info@industrial-home.com



90 kg


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